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Social Media Management

There are many ways in which law enforcement agencies can effectively use social media. Like all marketing, the key is to create a plan and develop a relationship with your audience. This takes time and requires consistent, intentional posting. If you’re familiar with Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, you know there can be a lot of negativity within the world of social media, so it’s important to create the right marketing strategy for your organization.

Let us help grow your social media presence with relevant, high-quality content--daily; and increase engagement.

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Online Marketing

Your organization can position itself ahead of its competitors with paid advertisements and earned media. We’ll help you gain the most exposure from your budget… no matter how large or small.

Motion Graphics

We can help make your social media posts more engaging by creating custom animations and motion graphics for your marketing campaigns.


Do you know which social media channel your audience is on? LETM can provide research on social media marketing profiles and help you attract a larger audience. There is no cost for consultations.

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