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Law Enforcement Training Media

Our highly trained staff knows the struggles of finding, or generating, industry-specific digital media. Having worked as a training officer / instructor responsible for pre- and in-service training, as well as outside agency training, our Operations Director launched LETM to provide resources that do not include clip art or just comical media for law enforcement professionals.

We can save you time in creating original, brand-specific still and motion graphics. This is not a reinvention of the wheel, but our staff realizes your time is usually limited and you may not have the necessary resources to produce media of this quality. LETM can generate a variety of digital media including graphics and motion graphics. We also provide charts, presentations, range log books, manuals; in both print and digital formats.

Looking to elevate curriculum with immersive learning? Let us assist your organization in combating shrinking attention spans with immersive learning scenarios that students can experience in Virtual Realty using VR headsets. We can create custom media assets, quizzes and other interactive elements to engage your learners. Enhanced digital media can work with Learning Management Systems (LMS) to achieve use cases such as virtual tours, safety drills, first responder situations, crisis management and other near real-life scenarios for LE training.

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Are your PowerPoints dry and dated? Instead of spending resources trying to purchase and learn new software, let us add creativity to your training.

Printed Materials

We can take existing manuals and give them a polished, professional appearance. Whether you need stapled, bound or digital formats, we provide solutions.


Before your agency spends money on software or equipment, contact LETM and we can offer solutions to fit your needs–now and in the future. There is no cost for consultations.

Law Enforcement Training Media

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